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(Accugrade or ASA-Accugrade)

Founded in 1984 by Alan Hager, ACG was the first company to slab coins in a hard plastic capsule. Originally using photoslabs, ACG switched to a smaller size slab without a photo around 1986. The sheer number of years and shows ACG has attended makes you wonder why more weren’t produced. Samples were not known until a few months ago when I discovered 1 example. E-mailing Alan Hager, I got a reply saying “ACG does not and has not make/made sample slabs.” I do wonder how this one came about then?



ACG 1 obverse and reverse

“Sample” can easily be seen across the front of the label with a grade in the bottom right corner. I have seen a total of 2 ACG samples and they both date back to the Connecticut office which was in use around 1987-1988. Both samples are a few serial numbers apart and have a bicentennial quarter inside. One slab has the grade of MS-65 while the other is MS-66 and it appears that ACG individually graded each quarter before encapsulating. This sample may be the scarcest sample of all the services. Only time will tell.



Another sample that should never exist! Alana Hager obviously didn't know every type his company produced over the years, and this proves it yet again. This sample has the same general layout of the label as ACG 1, but the word "sample" is not in a bold black lettering. The address of the company was also added to the back of the slab. Two of these types surfaced on ebay in late 2003, and are the only ones known to survive right now. It appears to be as scarce as ACG 1.


ACG 2.1

ACG 2.1

The label placement and the word "sample" on this piece is in the same type of font as ACG 2, but this one has a Ike dollar inside. I have only seen two of these so far and both were dated 1978 with the MS-63 grade.