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Blanchard was the slabbing division of Blanchard Company. Blanchard specialized in gold coins but the only known sample has a proof nickel inside. The slab was designed by ACG (Accugrade) and only one style slab is known both for their sample and normal production types. Their slabbing heyday was from approximately 1986 through 1989 and they have since lost the license to use the ACG design. A newer sample from the company would therefore have no chance of coming out.


Blanchard 1

Blanchard 1- ObverseBlanchard 1- Reverse

The sample is very similar to the normal production slab but there are a few differences. There is no grade printed on the front, and the back label is white on green instead of gold on white. Although it is a proof coin, it is not very impressive or a high grade. A true free giveaway coin suitable for a sample slab.

Blanchard 2

Blanchard 2 ObverseBlanchard 2 Reverse

A very neat sample! When I first saw this one I was slightly confused. The coin is a Proof Lincoln cent similar to Blanchard 1, but the label and the back of the slab is different. Instead of a clearer printer being used, it looks like a cheap dot matrix printer was used to print the front labels. Blanchard 1 has “3913.8K” in the upper right hand corner while this sample has “3912.8”…..possibly an earlier type? The back of the slab has a gold company name seal and looks much better than the back of Blanchard 1. I don’t really know which sample came first, but will take some more research.