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(International Grading Service, Inc.)

International graded coins in the mid to late 80’s. The back of every normal production slab has a copyright date of 1987 so a year or two of slabbing coins and then closing their doors is feasible. This was a time when many services were put out of business by the big guys. PCGS and NGC came onto the scene in late 1986 and early 1987 and quickly took the market share. This slab is nearly identical to the more recent Global service and even has the hands holding a globe that Global uses today.



INGS 1 Obverse

INGS 1 Reverse

The slab pictured is the first known example of a sample slab from this company. I found it in a dealers box and quickly bought it. The front says “MS-0 Sample” and has a picture of the coin on the right hand side. It is unknown how many samples were made, but based upon the sheer size of the slab and the low value dime inside, I bet hardly anyone would save them for over 15 years.


INGS 2 Obverse
INGS 2 Reverse

Here is another sample similiar in many ways to INGS 1, but with a different label placement of the word "sample". I don't know if this one came before INGS 1 or after. We may never find out, but so far this is the only one I have seen of this type and it seems to be as elusive as INGS 1 is.