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(see TruGrade for information regarding NuGrade)


NuGrade 1

NuGrade 1 Reverse

As stated above, this is the exact same slab shell as Trugrade but with a different label. This patriotic label has an American flag on the back with “Parts manufactured in the U.S.A” below. “Numismatic Coin Certification Professionals” is on the bottom of the back label. “Sample” is on both the front and back of the label. This type has the pedigree to Marvel Sales Inc., a coin dealer who was giving them out as samples to his clients.

NuGrade 2

NuGrade 2

This sample has the same back label design but has the denomination as “Statehood 25c” instead of “Quarter.”

NuGrade 3

NuGrade 3 obverseNuGrade 3 Reverse

Several changes were made on this sample. The date, mintmark and what State is inside the slab is removed, and the word “Sample” is placed to the left of “Statehood 25c.” On the back, the company’s website is added and the word “Sample” and the calligraphy writing were removed.