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(Digital Coin Grading Service)

DCGS was founded in June of 2001. They originally graded only State Quarters but they soon found out that the market wasn’t large enough for one series and they expanded to all U.S. coinage. Trying to differentiate among the services and be unique, their slab was designed to show the rim of the coin and to have a stand on the bottom of the slab so it could be displayed on a desk or shelf. The stand made stacking impossible and DCGS never gained much market share. Supposedly they grade using computers although all the past services that tried failed with computer grading.




This sample has a 1999-P New Jersey quarter but was not graded. Meant to show the placement of the words and coin numbers, it does not show where the grade would be. Sorry for the horrible scan, but it won’t fit on my scanner and just shows how hard the non movable stands are when stacking or scanning images.