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Compugrade was formed in 1991. They planned to grade coins by computer but quickly went under within a few months. Some submissions were put through the service before they closed their doors and surprisingly Compugrade even made a small batch of samples to distribute. Their slab featured a label on the top of the slab and used a very thick plastic which made them very hard to crack. Their normal production slabs are scarce, but the samples are downright rare.


Compugrade 1

Compugrade 1- ObverseCompugrade 1- Reverse

The few Compugrade samples I have seen all have a Mint State 1967 Kennedy Half Dollar inside. The front serial numbers have 00’s and the back serial numbers were replaced with the word “sample.” The reverse also has a color hologram which was started by PCGS in the late 80’s when some of their slabs were being counterfeited. Many services followed suit and it appears Compugrade did so also. It is unknown how many samples were produced, but I imagine very few.


Compugrade 1.1

Compugrade 1.1

This sample has two disctinct things to tell it apart from Compugrade 1. The grade has "MS 00" and not "MS 00.0". The "L00" in compugrade 1 has been removed from the top left side of the serial number on this slab.